Austria 2024: Katharina Muehlbacher and Matthaeus Krol | Sleep laboratory of the Herz Jesu Hospital

Delegate: Katharina Muehlbacher and Matthaeus Krol

Affiliation: Sleep laboratory of the Herz Jesu Hospital

Short Bio: Katharina Muehlbacher has 20 years of experience in the diagnosis and therapy of sleep related breathing problems and is head of department since 2008. Due to her specialization in pulmological diseases – the sleep laboratory of the Herz Jesu Hospital has a main emphasis on the treatment of the obstructive sleep apnea syndrome via positive airway pressure devices. In 2022 she initialized the development of a telehealth branch for sleep laboratory patients to improve their care outside of traditional hospital settings.

Matthaeus Krol is head of the technology department of the sleep laboratory and works in close relationship with Dr. Muehlbacher to increase the efficiency of the outpatient care for sleep related breathing problems. With 15 years experience in the application and evaluation of polysomnographic studies, he is responsible for the establishment of new technologies in the hospital.

Activity: The theme for this World Sleep Day is the Sleep Equity for Global Health. Sleep is an essential part of our lifes. Due to inequality in our society, sleep health shows vast differences between social groups and across the world. This creates burdens for global health systems and is a problem that needs new ideas and technologies to be improved.

Our activity:
Telemonitoring to improve at-home care for patients with positive airway pressure devices

Location: Vienna

Date of Activity: through out 2024

Submitted by: Katharina Muehlbacher