Austria 2023: Brigitte Holzinger | Austrian Sleep Medicine Association

Delegate: Brigitte Holzinger

Affiliation: Austrian Sleep Medicine Association

Short Bio: Brigitte Holzinger, (PhD) born in Vienna, Austria is a psychologist (Univ. of Vienna, Research for PhD. Thesis at Stanford University with Stephen LaBerge), psychotherapist for Integrative Gestalt, supervisor and clinical and health psychologist, and sleep and dream researcher, (University)teacher and writer.
Her main interest is lucid dreaming, dreaming, sleep and sleep research. 1989, she founded the Institute for Consciousness and Dream Research ( and has organized international and interdisciplinary conferences, such as “DREAMING & CONSCIOUSNESS” in 1998 and REM50 in 2003.
She is a founding member of the ASRA (Austrian Sleep Research Association, 1991).
She was accredited as Somnologist by ESRS (European Sleep Research Society) in 2013 and is a member of the EIN (the European Insomnia Network) and the European Academy for Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of Insomnia (CBT-I).
She applied and evaluated lucid dreaming as a therapeutic technique for nightmares and founded “Sleep Coaching” – a non pharmacological approach for overcoming Sleep Problems and Sleep Disorders with her colleague, Gerhard Klösch (
Since 2011 she organizes annual press conferences for the World Sleep Day in the name of the Austrian Sleep Research Society (ASRA).
Since 2015, “Sleep Coaching” also is a postgraduate Mastercourse at the Medical University, Vienna, founded and directed by Brigitte Holzinger (

Activity: This year we will send out a press release about the World Sleep Day to Austrian and some German journalists.

Location: Vienna

Date of Activity: March 2nd, 2023

Submitted by: Brigitte Holzinger