Austria 2020: Brigitte Holzinger / Institute for Consciousness and Dream Research

Delegate: Brigitte Holzinger

Affiliations: Institute for Consciousness and Dream Research

Short Bio: Brigitte Holzinger, born in Vienna, studied Psychology at the University of Vienna and Stanford-University (CA), today she is “Lehrtherapeutin for Integrative Gestalttherapie”, Lecturer, Teacher, Author, Coach, and accredited Somnologist by ESRS. Areas of Expertise are research and teaching in Sleep, Sleep Disorders, Burnout, Nightmares, Dreams and Lucid Dreaming, Psychotherapy, Gestalttheory und Gestalttherapy.
Brigitte Holzinger is director of the Institute for Consciousness and Dream Research and founding member of ASRA (Austrian Sleep Research Association). Brigitte Holzinger has organised several international and interdisciplinary conferences on sleep and dreams in Vienna, likes to write books and to work on film projects.

Activity: Press Conference; Raising Awareness by presenting relevant information regarding World Sleep Day 2020

Location: Café Landsmann, Vienna

Date of Activity: 11.03.20

Submitted By: Brigitte Holzinger