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Delegate: 91.1HotFm Radio Station – Sunshine Coast Australia

Affiliation: Supporter

Short Bio: 91.1HotFM Radio Station plays todays best music and is proud to call themselves 100% Sunshine Coast.

Wake up with Sam & Ash

Sam the eccentric, charitable, self-proclaimed part-time male model and loveable larrikin, enjoys everything Sunshine Coast.

On the weekend, you’ll find him under the sea cleaning up our amazing reefs. When his not getting sweaty on the volleyball court, he’s searching high and low for the Coast’s best coffee.

Sam’s part-time acting career has seen him in some big movies but his greatest acting achievement is being friends with Tara Reid. (Even if, she did give him the wrong mobile number.)

Ash is a proud local, born and bred here on the Sunny Coast. Ash grew up as a part-time avocado farmer and in her early teens discovered swimming.

An absolute natural, she rose to prominence as a breaststroker and just missed out on the London Olympics. Ash is mum to cheeky toddler Milla and loves nothing more than catching up with friends over a glass of rosè and a bite to eat at the surf club.

A sports fan, fierce competitor, and devoted friend Ash is often referred to by her mate and co-host Sam as ‘sunshine in a bottle’.

Drive home with Nugget and Al

Nugget & Al are the Coast’s newest way to drive home and part of Hot 91’s 100% Local lineup.

Calling the Sunshine Coast home for decades, the pair have worked together for more than 10 years meaning you’re always guaranteed a laugh.

Catch Nugget & Al on weekdays from 3pm.

Activity: We have 3 of our amazing announcers promoting world sleep day, thanks to The Mattress Company

Location: Sunshine Coast

Date of Activity: 17/03/2023

Submitted by: Paula Albers