Australia 2020: Yu Sun Bin / Charles Perkins Centre, University of Sydney

Delegate: Yu Sun Bin

Affiliations: Charles Perkins Centre, University of Sydney

Short Bio: Yu Sun Bin is an epidemiologist and public health researcher. Her particular research interests are on sleep and circadian rhythms and how these biological systems are reflected in behaviour, health, and disease.

Dr Bin’s expertise is on habitual sleep as a lifestyle risk factor and the impact of disordered sleep on public health in Australia. Her methodological expertise is in the analysis of large complex datasets including linked administrative health and education datasets, cohort studies, and population surveys from around the world. She has 10 years’ experience in quantitative health research and has previously consulted for the World Bank.

Dr Bin has been awarded international grants for research (Career Development Fellowship from the Sleep Research Society Foundation) and teaching (Educational Focused Projects Award from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine Foundation). She currently works on the Charles Perkins Centre – Qantas Partnership Project: Health and Wellbeing in the Air and on teaching the University’s first undergraduate program on Sleep and Circadian Rhythms (OLET1510).

Activity: I am a researcher at the Sleep Theme of the Charles Perkins Centre, University of Sydney, in Australia. The Charles Perkins Centre houses over 900 researchers working in basic science, clinical research, and public health and policy. On behalf of our sleep team, I am raising awareness of sleep and circadian health within our own multidisciplinary research centre by creation of slides that link the importance of sleep to current affairs and displaying these on the big TV screens that are located throughout the building. The University of Sydney is home to 8,100 staff. We are raising awareness of sleep and circadian health by sharing the promotional slides with Human Resources department who is circulating this information to a network of Health and Wellbeing Champions located in every department of the University.

Location: Sydney

Date of Activity: 9-20 March 2020

Submitted By: Yu Sun Bin