Australia 2020: Sleep and Lifestyle Clinic

Delegate: Sleep and Lifestyle Clinic

Affiliations: Sleep and Lifestyle Clinic

Short Bio: The Sleep and Lifestyle Clinic is a physiotherapy-led clinic aiming to provide sleep apnea screening, home-based sleep studies and advice from health professionals regarding comprehensive treatment approach to sleep apnea.

The team seeks to provide expert initiation and acclimatization to PAP therapy ensuring that the benefits of therapy are maximized. Along with this we assist our clients to make realistic and attainable lifestyle changes which address the bigger picture and lead to long-term health benefits.

Activity: Promotion of the importance of quality sleep and information about sleep, particularly sleep apnea and its treatment, as highlighted by World Sleep Day in our clinic and surrounding area.

Location: Canberra, Australia

Date of Activity: March 2020

Submitted By: Wendy Chesworth