Australia 2020: Dr Moira Junge / Sleep Health Foundation

Delegate: Dr Moira Junge

Affiliations: Sleep Health Foundation

Short Bio: The Sleep Health Foundation is in its 10th anniversary year and we are always enthusiastic participants on World Sleep Day. We are the leading national advocates for sleep health, in Australia. I am the Chair of the Marketing and Communications committee. I am a health psychologist and I specialise in treating insomnia and other sleeping conditions.

Activity: This year’s activity is related to the recovery phase of the recent devastating bushfires (wildfires) in Australia. We want to highlight the importance of sleep in these uncertain times and we feel that it fits well into the theme of Better Sleep. Better Life. Better Planet. We particularly want to prevent acute sleeping disturbance from becoming a chronic condition. We have created three new fact sheets and I have attached them here.

We have done a press release and have many high profile interviews lined up within traditional media on and around March 13, 2020. We will also continue our awareness campaign on our social media channels.

Location: Across Australia

Date of Activity: March 13, 2020

Submitted By: Dr Moira Junge