Australia 2020: Dr. Amal Mohamed Dameer / Australasian Sleep Association

Delegate: Dr. Amal Mohamed Dameer

Affiliations: Australasian Sleep Association

Short Bio: Amal Mohamed Dameer is a medical doctor and also a PhD candidate at RMIT University. She also has an Honorary Researcher position at Austin Health under the Cardiology and Respiratory/Sleep departments. She is also representative conference organiser from Respiratory Council to Australasian Sleep Association conference organising committee. Her PhD focuses on developing screening for Obstructive Sleep Apnoea that is tailored for a cardiology population in whom there is no effective screening. She has a passion to raise awareness about Obstructive Sleep Apnoea among health professionals and patients. Apart from medicine and research, she likes to teach, travel and experience different cultures, dabble with photography, fashion, movies, and wind down with family and friends.

Activity: Social Media awareness campaign: Twitter, Linkedin and private Facebook

Location: Online, Australia

Date of Activity: Feb 17th onward