Australia 2020: About Sleep Clinics / Sleep Health Foundation

Delegate: About Sleep Clinics

Affiliations: Sleep Health Foundation

Short Bio: We are a multidisciplinary clinic that focuses on sleep issues. We conduct ambulatory sleep studies, trial and sell CPAP, and we have visiting professionals including a Sleep Psychologist, and a Dentist who specialises in Mandibular Advancement Splints.

Activity: We had a “Free Clinic Day” to celebrate World Sleep Day. We invited CPAP representatives to attend our clinics to work with our patients to assist anyone who had a CPAP problem, at no charge.
We had appointments all day and about 30 people were helped at each of our 3 clinics. Our patients were very happy to be assisted with their issues, which ranged from not changing a filter, to excessive noise, or leak from the machine. We will do it again next year.

Location: About Sleep Clinics – Kidman Park, Marryatville and Marion, South Australia

Date of Activity: Friday 13th March 2020

Submitted By: Helen Gilbert