Australia 2019: Sveti Williams

Delegate: Sveti Williams

Affiliations: Brisbane Central State School, Juice FM 107.3, Heart Foundation

Short Bio:
Sveti Williams international award winner, author of ‘Fix My Sleep’, The Sleepy Sheep, The Droopy-eyed Donkey Who Couldn’t Sleep, and official delegate of World Sleep Day, member of Australasian Sleep Association and Sleep Health Foundation, is a renowned Sleep Coach, Sleep Scientist and leading sleep advocate, who helps patients to target sleep disrupters and replace them with sleep enhancing behaviours.

She engages with subconscious psychology to identify and resolve the root causes of insomnia, and other symptoms of people’s physical and emotional struggles.

Sveti’s clients around the world experience her as ‘intelligent, genuine and passionate – a natural healer.’

Her works draws on complementary medicine, and her teaching covers areas both scientific and spiritual, proving a holistic approach to sleep health.

Born in a small village in one of the poorest countries of Europe, Sveti spent much of her childhood observing her great grandmother preparing herbal tinctures, teas and remedies to cure a range of ailments.

These experiences instilled in her the understanding and inspiration that the most effective health treatments available to us come from natural and traditional sources.

Activity: Thursday March 14, 2019 a day before WSD

1. Speak on radio Juice FM 107.3

World Sleep Day is tomorrow Today we are preparing for this Day on #juice1073 FM If you missed our breakfast episode watch it here ⬇️#WSD #worldsleepday #sleep

Posted by Sveti Williams on Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Friday March 15, 2019 World Sleep Day

2. Speak on radio Juice FM 107.3

3. Facebook live

World Sleep Day is today !What is this day about and why we have it !

Posted by Sveti Williams on Thursday, March 14, 2019

4. Presentation at a public school in Brisbane City (Queensland, Australia), 400+ People mainly Children age 4-12

5. Wrote an article for the School news letter

Sunday March 17, 2019

6. Presented to an audience of 65 people the age above 65 years regarding such topics as heart attach warning signs, what to do if you’re experiencing them, on behalf of Heart Foundation and importance of sleep for the World Sleep Day

Article for the school:

Not getting enough sleep can affect how well kids do in school

Children who are sleep deprived are likely to have part of their brain that is responsible for organization, planning and problem solving temporarily impaired, which as a result makes it harder for them to prioritize given tasks.

Sleep deprived children tend to be moodier, impulsive, frustrated and quickly lose their temper than those who get enough sleep on nightly bases.

As a result, they tend to give up more quickly on challenging work.
Studies show that when children are sleep-deprived, their brain slips into short but regular “sleep-like” patterns and as a result they are constantly “spaced out” in class and get distracted easily and have trouble concentrating.

Lack of sleep in children as well as adults has a negative effect on storing new information from short term memory to long term memory. As a result, it is harder for their brain to retain new knowledge.

Another crucial affect sleep deprivation has on children’s brain is it interferes with the formation and recall of long-term memories.
Overtired kids are slower at their work as it is hard for them to remember what they’ve just learned and may also forget it by next day.

Even minor changes in sleep can impair a school kid’s learning, memory, attention, and concentration; not to mention any biological processes that are also compromised.

These days children want to stay up late as there is so much excitement in the house that they want to be a part of it and they tend to procrastinate and beg for more awake time.
It is absolutely crucial to establish a “sleep ritual” for young children that will help them to quite down and go to sleep.

Location: Queensland, Australia

Date of Activity: March 14-17, 2019

Submitted By: Sveti Williams