Australia 2019: Natalie Eriksson

Delegate: Natalie Eriksson

Affiliations: ASTA, NATA, ASA, Wesley Hospital

Short Bio: The Wesley Hospital Sleep Disorders Centre is a comprehensive service, providing high level longterm care for patients with all sleep disorders. Our accreditation with NATA/ ASA ensures we are recognised as meeting national and international guidelines in the assessment and care of patients with sleep disorders. Bulkbilled, level 2 home sleep studies are part of this service.

Activity: Here at TSGQ we have decided to spread the World Sleep Day message. We have taken this World Sleep Day theme and shared it with our online friends, our scientists have written World Sleep Day blogs for our website. We have also jumped onto the airwaves, spending time on ABC radio Brisbane talking about world sleep day and healthy sleep in general.

Location: Location: The Wesley Hospital

Date of Activity: 15/03/2019

Submitted By: Natalie Eriksson