Australia 2019: Grand Ocean Park Pty Ltd

Delegate: Xitao Li

Affiliations: Grand Ocean Park Pty Ltd

Short Bio: My company is locating in Sydney for baby products distributor. One of our distributed product is the French brand p’tit lit which are selling children mattresses and bedding accessories. The main purpose for it is to provide the best sleeping quality to every little one.

Activity: This year the Grand Ocean Park delegate P’tit lit Australian team and World Sleep Day Committee to celebrate this special occasion with kids at the local childcare—Papilio.
*At the First, we will be telling the story and using body language to interact with kids (let them get involved), and the theme around the healthy sleep and correct sleeping posture etc for children during the event.
*Then, once kids know what we are doing, we will give the piece of drawing papers to each of kids, the paper designed warm bedroom with a cot and toys, let kids colouring theirs prefer colours.
*In the end, we can take a photo as annual event celebration.

Location: Sydney NSW Australia

Date of Activity: 15/03/2019

Submitted By: Grand Ocean Park Pty Ltd