Australia 2018: Sveti Williams

Delegate: Sveti Williams

Affiliations: Brisbane Central State School, 97.7FM Melbourne, Australia

Short Bio: Sveti Williams, author of ‘Fix My Sleep’, is a renowned sleepologist and leading sleep advocate, who helps clients to target sleep disrupters and replace them with sleep enhancing behaviours.
She engages with subconscious psychology to identify and resolve the root causes of insomnia, and other symptoms of people’s physical and emotional struggles.
Sveti’s clients around the world experience her as ‘intelligent, genuine and passionate – a natural healer.’
Her works draws on complementary medicine, and her teaching covers areas both scientific and spiritual, proving a holistic approach to sleep health.
Born into a small village in one of the poorest countries of Europe, Sveti spent much of her childhood observing her great grandmother preparing herbal tinctures, teas and remedies to cure a range of ailments.
These experiences instilled in her the understanding and inspiration that the most effective health treatments available to us come from natural and traditional sources.

Activity: 1. Presenting an interactive workshop at a state school in Brisbane city, Australia, about the importance of sleep and learning for children.
2. On Friday march 16 publishing an article for the school newsletter with attached 2 childrens e-books (attached) Sleep Sheep, Droopy Eyed Donkey (!AiZUZY8y0I0mgRCmair_cp-wJ8wE )
3. Appearing on radio 97.7FM (Melbourne, Australia) and broadcasting about importance of sleep and how circadian rhythm gets disrupted and how to regulate it for great nights sleep for ultimate health.

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Date of Activity: Monday march 12, Friday march 16

Submitted By: Sveti Williams