Australia 2018: Figtree Private Hospital

Delegate: Figtree Private Hospital Sleep Unit

Affiliations: Illawarra Sleep Medicine Centre, member of Australasian Sleep Association

Short Bio: Figtree Private Hospital working with Illawarra Sleep Medicie Centre provides in-patient diagnostic/treatment studies for sleep disorders, to assist in improving consumers quality of life.

Activity: Figtree Private & Illawarra Sleep medicine Centre will be setting up an information booth and notice board with information and handouts on sleep problems and disorders, including diplays of sleep equipment and where to get help. We will include this years theme “Join the sleep World, Preserve your rhythms to enjoy life”.We will target our facility consumers in our sleep unit, rehabilitation ward our early parenting centre and our staff specifically our shifts workers.

Location: Figtree Private Hospital

Date of Activity: March 16th 2018

Submitted By: Charmaine Tatton Clinical Services Manager