Australia 2017: Sweet Siesta

Delegate: Florence Drummond

Affiliations: Sweet Siesta

Activity: Morning Tea at Weipa community centre. 930-1030
Guest speakers 1. sleep and nutrition 2. emotions and sleep
This will be a discussion around sleep wellness. Exchange of knowledge around how sleep affects nutrition and also emotions will be the main areas of discussion.
We are a small community so just a nice gathering to share this knowledge and increase conversations around sleep wellness.

Location: Weipa Community Centre

Date: 17 March 2017

Submitted by: Florence Drummond
Short Bio: I am an operator in Weipa with Rio Tinto. As a shift worker, sleep has become more of a priority as I have experienced how it has affected my personal life, my health, my mindset. I have launched an online store, Sweet Siesta, stocking sleep eye masks ( The aim of my business is to raise awareness around sleep wellness. I aim to focus on mining communities as the rosters can be quite disruptive to your sleep practices.