Australia 2017: Sleep Health Foundation & Australasian Sleep Association

Delegate: Sleep Health Foundation

Affiliations: Australasian Sleep Association

Activity: The Sleep Health Foundation will partner with the Australasian Sleep Association and will jointly coordinate a media campaign on World Sleep Day 2017 to encourage people to pledge on line to a) Stop their use of blue light emitting devices at least one hour prior to bed and b) Consider going to bed earlier. The tag line is ‘Swap screen time, for Sleep Time’. It’s now been proposed that the “pledge” take the form of people engaging with an SHF coordinated social media campaign which will promote the World Sleep Day event. The World Sleep Day event can be boosted to specific audiences, and readers will be asked to demonstrate their willingness to commit to switch off at least an hour earlier, by Liking and Sharing the page. In addition, a short survey will be created and made available on the SHF website asking people to log their usual going to bed and wake up time; when they switch off their devices/computers, how well they feel they’ve slept, their feelings of sleepiness during the day and their mood. There is no strong media hook as yet, for World Sleep Day (other than the call to action to Swap screen time for sleep time, but Lucy’s advice will be sought in supporting the social media campaign for WSD.

Location: Australia and New Zealand

Date: 17 March 2017

Submitted by: Helen Burdette
Short Bio: The Sleep Health Foundation is Australia’s leading advocate for healthy sleep. It aims to improve people’s lives by promoting sleep, raising awareness of sleep disorders and building partnerships with organisations. Free, independent, expert-reviewed fact sheets on every aspect of sleep are available at