Argentina 2023: Maria Juliana Leone | Escuela de Gobierno – UTDT (Universidad Torcuato Di Tella)

Delegate: Maria Juliana Leone

Affiliation: Escuela de Gobierno – UTDT (Universidad Torcuato Di Tella)

Short Bio: María Juliana Leone obtained both her Biotechnology master degree (2004) and her PhD. on Basic and Applied Sciences (2010) at the Universidad Nacional de Quilmes (UNQ). She has a position as​ researcher at CONICET (UNQ and Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, UTDT). Her main current research​ topic is the impact of chronobiology on human real-life, including the consequences of​ living in a 24/7 society on sleep and the effects of early morning school start times ​during adolescence. Juliana has published her studies on high impact international​ journals and she is consolidating her own research group. She leads the research​ group which developed the free mobile application Mi Reloj Interno (My endogenous​ clock,, which provides customized recommendations to​ improve and maintain healthy circadian rhythms. Currently, Juliana is an Invited​ Professor at the Education Area of the Government School of UTDT, a key​ environment to continue developing her research projects related with the impact of​ chronobiology on society, always pointing to generate local data, to design and,​ eventually, to implement evidence-based public policies.

Activity: This online activity will occur at March 17th, 2023 04:00 PM to 05:00 PM. Participation would be free and open to the public, but it will require prior registration. The talks will take around 15-20 minutes each and they would be intended for the general public. At the end, questions from the audience will be answered.

Government School
Sleep and Health
Friday March 17th, 04:00 PM

Online registration

The Government school invites to participate in the Webinar “Sleep and Health”, on Friday March 17th at 04:00 PM. This event is part of the World Sleep Day, which this year has theme “Sleep is essential for health” as the theme and its aim is to raise awareness about the importance and impact of sleep on our health.
Poor sleep is associated with a higher risk of suffering from different types of diseases and it is often related to recurrent behaviors or habits that can be easily modified. How do we know if our sleep is adequate? What is insomnia and why do we have it? What is sleep apnea and how is it associated with the presence of snoring? What other sleep disorders are there? When should a medical consultation be made? What are the daily habits that affect the duration, schedules and/or quality of our sleep? Sleeping well is important and it is far from being a waste of time: sleep is essential for health.

Juan Facundo Nogueira. Pneumonologist, MD. Chief of the Sleep Medicine Section, Hospital de Clínicas, UBA.
Silvia Lucía Leiva. Neurologist, MD. FLENI Sleep Medicine Unit. Chief of Neurology, National Institute of Aeronautic and Space Medicine.

María Juliana Leone. Researcher (CONICET). Director of the project My Internal Clock. Professor at the Government School.

This event will be the first one of a serie of conversations related to the impact and importance of sleep in different areas of our daily lives.

Location: Online
Registration required
Free Activity

Location: Buenos Aires

Date of Activity: March 17th 2023

Submitted by: María Juliana Leone