2017 Sleep Center Budapest/Benyovszky Medical Center

Delegate: György G. Németh honorary associate professor

Affiliations: Sleep Center Budapest/Benyovszky Medical Center

Activity: The Budapest Centre for Sleep / Benyovszky Medical Center has organized and coordinated World Sleep Day events in Hungary for eight years. They undertake coordination of the Central and Eastern European region, with those countries. György G. Németh, honorary associate professor, is the managing director of the Sleep Center Budapest / Benyovszky Medical Center. Part of the scientific and professional work of the Budapest Centre for Sleep is the development and implementation of sleep quality measuring projects. The standards of sleep quality measuring are used by state institutions, three-shifts workers and small businesses. Its aim is reducing traffic accidents casued by falling asleep. Our mission is to develop and strengthen collaboration in the Central and Eastern European region. Our current task is the modification of work schedules, delaying the starting times of nurseries, kindergartens and schools, furthermore creating the official conditions of post-lunch, early afternoon rest periods.

With the collaboration of sleep healers and specialist WSD Hungary has started different programs to aware the conditions of quality sleeping. This has been done through the announcement of International Sleep Friendly Hotel Program which has a rating system developed by national experts. The study of international and domestic hotels has begun in terms of how sleep friendly they are. The qualification is a sign of trust and reliability and it is also a message to the guests, whether the selected, qualified accommodation unit meets or exceeds the quality conditions of sleep in the rooms. The certification provides a guarantee that the supplier really fits all of the reasonable requirements of the category considering the requirements of the guests and the profession.

Location: Budapest, 1089. benyovszky M. u. 10. Hungary

Date: 17,03.2017.

Submitted by: György G. Németh

Short Bio: György G. Németh, honorary associate professor, director of the Sleep Center Budapest / Benyovszky Medical Center, Office of the World Sleep Day in Hungary and partner of the World Association of Sleep Medicine. In 2013, Gyorgy G. Nemeth received Excellence Award from the World Association Of Sleep Medicine in its World Conference in Valencia. Every year, together with his team he organizes national central events of World Sleep Day.




March 17, 2017, BUDAPEST

 The World Sleep Day was also organised in Hungary upon the international initiative of the World Association of Sleep Medicine and the World Sleep Society. The sleep related most important Hungarian medical organisations, professional institutions, social organisations, companies and experts participated in the Hungarian event of the world sleep day of March 17, 2017. Their co-operation strengthens the international sleep project in Hungary. The sleep day events of this year focused on the importance of preventing traffic accidents caused by sleeping and the problems of going to sleep late, waking up too early and the difficulties of getting up were also included.

 The World Sleep Day is an international event. Governments, organisations, institutions also joined it with the intention of drawing attention to the importance of sleeping, to its physiological significance. Hungary joined among the first countries this event that celebrates already its 10th year of existence. The Hungarian conference of World Sleep Day 2017 was held on March 17, on Friday, in Budapest. It was organised by WSD Hungary and theSleep Center Budapest/Benyovszky Medical Centre, in the Hotel Andrássy Budapest.

On this day, the doctors, researchers, healers and civil organisations joined forces to show that sleepiness, the lack of sleep is becoming a widely spread epidemic, and we have to pay much more attention to preventing and treating it. The few, but internationally acknowledged Hungarian experts of sleep treatment reinforced with their experiences the message of the participants of the global campaign, the fact that: mankind sleeps increasingly worse, and changing this trend is an international task.

Sleep conference -World Sleep Day 2017, Hungary

The conference was opened by the President of the Hungarian Society for Sleep Medicine, by Dr.Zoltán Szakács. Dr.Zsolt Halmosi Police Major General, Police Principal Councillor, Deputy Law Enforcement National Police Captain in his lecture drew the attention to the traffic safety aspect of sleeping-lack of sleep. The experiences of the most recent national sleep assessment were introduced by GergelyVada, the Director ofFusionVital in Hungary. The daily experiences of going to sleep late and forced waking up in the morning were outlined by Nóra BartosKomjátiné the representative of the National Association of Large Families. Dr. Róbert Bódizs, the Deputy Research Director of the Behaviour Science Institute of the Semmelweis University. The relationships of being awake in the night and early getting up, and the genetical and cultural impacts related to this topic were highlighted byDr. György Purebl, the President of the Hungarian Psychiatric Society.The determining significance of melatonin in the physiological process of sleeping was discussed by Dr. Edit Sándor, the Physician Director of Pharma Nord Hungary. The relationships of sleeping and rheumatology were mentioned byDr. Judit Füri Rheumatologist, and the role of sleep culture was covered byMónika Balázs, the Brand Manager of Stúdió Moderna/Dormeo. High interest accompanied the introduction of one new Hungarian case studyon the effective co-operation of neurology and psychiatry, which was presented byDr. Zsuzsa Vida neurologist, Somnologist andDr. Gyöngyi Szabó Psychiatrist, the colleagues of the Sleep Center Budapest. The experiences of the first national sleep training were disclosed byÉva Bartucz, the Director of the Manager Training Academy andDr. Katalin Szalay, the Leading Sleep Trainer of the Sleep Center Budapest.

The Sleepfriendly Hotel Prizes of year 2017 were handed over at the Budapest Sleep Conference. The SLEEPFRIENDLY HOTEL classification differentiates those accommodation service providers, who pay special attention to create high quality conditions for ensuring restful sleeping. The recognitions of this year were awarded toMamaison Hotels & Residences Izabella BudapestandKolping Hotel Spa & Family Resortsin Hungary. The prize for hotels abroad were awarded to the CroatianHotel Bellevue, Mali Losinj. The prizes were handed over by: Dr. Richard Róbert Kiss, G. György Németh,the Hungarian leaders of the Sleepfriendly Hotels qualification,andIstván Kovács, the General Secretary of the Association of Hungarian Hotels and Restaurants.

WSD Hungary 2017, Partner List

Professional partners (the most important Hungarian medical organisations involved in sleep treatment):

Hungarian Society for Sleep Medicine, Hungarian Society of Hypertension, Hungarian Society of Cardiology, Hungarian Respiratory Society, Hungarian Psychological Association, Hungarian Psychiatric Society.Hungarian Ambulatory Association, Behaviour Science Institute of the Semmelweis University.

Professional supporters: Stúdio Moderna/Dormeo (primary partner); Pharma Nord (primary partner) Tiens Hungary, Billerbeck Hungary, VitalFusion.

 Partner organisations, associations: Comprehensive Health Protection Screening Programme of Hungary, National Association of Large Families, Elektro-Oxygen, Hungarian Hotel and Restaurant Association

Media partners:LAM (Lages Artis Medicine) LifeTimeMedia and LitMed ANNO: Neurological Medicine Review, Hypertonia&Nephrologia, Nurse, Our Profession

IME Interdisciplinary Hungarian Health Care

Galenus Publisher: Patika Magazine, Psychology& Practicum, Studium & Practicum, Pharmacy Practicum Novum

Tudomány Publisher: Diabetes, Hypertonia

Promenade Publisher

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