UK 2017: Children’s Sleep and Respiratory Centre

Delegate: Children’s Sleep and Respiratory Centre

Affiliations: Evelina London Children’s Hospital, Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital

Consultants, Clinical Psychologists and Clinical Physiologists enjoyed talking to visitors to our stall in the main corridor of St Thomas’ Hospital. We focussed our advice on normal sleep, how important it is to our health and how we can simply improve and increase the amount of sleep we achieve. We also displayed our range of diagnostic tools and examples of the results we might expect.

Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital coincided World Sleep Day with their launch of a new staff safety initiative ‘HALT, take a break’. To highlight the importance of regular breaks and to support staff if they choose to have a sleep during their breaks, especially on night shifts.

We also took the opportunity to promote awareness of narcolepsy by releasing an article of one of our patients who was keen to share his journey


Location: Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital, London

Date: 17th March 2017

Submitted by: Jane Orgill

Short Bio: The Children’s Sleep Centre was established in 2005 and has grown exponentially. We offer a comprehensive service including consultation, diagnostics and treatment of all sleep disorders in Children of all ages. Staff include 3 Consultants, 2 Clinical Psychologists, 15 Clinical Physiologists and 4 Administrative staff. Last year we performed 3,000 sleep studies.