Turkey 2012: Turkish Sleep Medicine Society

The Turkish Sleep Medicine Society (TSMS) organized a World Sleep Day meeting for physicians in Istanbul, Ankara and Kayseri (which are the main 3 big cities of Turkey) on 16th March.

They prepared posters of World Sleep Day on which the slogan of this year and the importance of good sleep and sleep disorders were written. They also used it as a newspaper advertisement which was published on 16th March in the best selling newspaper of Turkey.

Dr. Sadik Ardic, president of the Turkish Sleep Medicine Society, organized a press conference for the local media that was sponsored by Philips-Respironics.

The Turkish Sleep Medicine Society took part in a radio program on March 16th to talk about World Sleep Day and sleep medicine. Dr. Derya Kardeniz also appeared on a television program on 15th March, which is the most watched health program by the community in Turkey.