Bulgaria 2017: InSpiro Foundation

Delegate: InSpiro Foundation – “Sleep-related breathing disorders” task force

Affiliations: Military Medical Academy – Sofia, Patients group “Together with you”, Patients group “The Pickwick club,” Adapt.bg

For this year’s World Sleep Day we organized a two day activity with press conference and media interviews on March 16th and social event on March 17th. Our newly founded “InSpiro” Foundation, which is a non-profit organization aiming at respiratory and sleep health promotion, disease prevention and medical education, patronized the events.

Events on March 16
The task force “Sleep-related breathing disorders and non-invasive ventilation” of “InSpiro” Foundation organized a press conference in the Bulgarian News Agency. The latter is now a major source of information to the print and electronic media, the state bodies and NGO’s in Bulgaria. The event took place on March 16th entitled “March 17th – World Sleep Day. Doctors and patients present the actual problems of sleep medicine in Bulgaria”. Dr. Petar Chipev, a young sleep medicine specialist, certified by the European Sleep Research Society, head of the task force “Sleep-related breathing disorders and non-invasive ventilation” of “InSpiro” Foundation, presented data about the problems of sleep, the prevalence of sleep-disorders across Europe and problems of sleep medicine in Bulgaria, also promoting the event that was about to take place on the World Sleep Day March 17th. Special attention was given to the lack of finance and reimbursement for patients suffering from sleep disorders in the country and the lack of law measures against sleepy drivers. The head of the patient’s organization “Together with you” Penka Georgieva and an obstructive sleep apnea patient, former prominent Bulgarian pantomime actor, member of the patient’s group “The Pickwick club” in “InSpiro” Foundation, Angel Angelov were also involved in the press conference, presenting the problems of patients suffering from sleep disorders in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria, News & Video: March 17 – Day of sleep. Doctors and patients present current issues in medicine sleep in Bulgaria.

More than 10 articles in big TV, radio and internet media were published citing the event, thus spreading awareness of the national and global burden of sleep-disorders.

Events on March 17th
On March 17th we organized a social event in one of the biggest shopping malls in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. We’ve opened an information desk and interviewed visitors of the mall. People that stopped at our information desk were questioned about their sleeping habits and specific pathology oriented questions about their sleep and the sleep of their bed partners. Advices on sleep hygiene and a little booklet with more information regarding obstructive sleep apnea were given to everyone. People with high OSA risk were invited to fill a STOP-BANG questionnaire on site. Weight and neck circumference were measured. Those with high risk for OSA were advised to seek further medical help and perform a polysomnographic study. We have also had PAP and diagnostic devices at our information desk and laptop with PSG recordings that we’ve showed to people interested in what diagnostics and treatment of sleep disorders are all about.

As a conclusion from our events we have managed to spread a lot of information about sleep and sleep disorders in Bulgaria. Big electronic media talked about sleep disorders, chronic insomnia, obstructive sleep apnea and sleepy driving. More than 70 people with signs of different sleep pathology stopped at our information desk on March 17th finding answers to their frequently asked questions about their sleep. A lot more saw us in the mall or read about sleep on the internet and had a thought about sleep on the World Sleep Day.

Special thanks to our team:
Prof. Kosta Kostov
Dr. Petar Chipev
Penka Georgieva
Angel Angelov
Elitza Andonova
Violeta Georgieva
Toni Tanev – Adapt.bg
Dr. Alexandra Chervenivanova
Eleonora Stamenova
Veneta Dimitrova
Fatme Madzarova
Tatyana Dolomanzhy

Location: Bulgarian News Agency, Ring Mall Sofia

Date: 16-17 March 2017

Submitted by: Dr. Petar Chipev

Short Bio:
Dr. Petar Chipev
– received master degree of medicine 27.12.2012
– resident in pulmonology – since 28.08.2013
– certified expert in sleep medicine – ESRS examination in sleep medicine – 15.04.2015
– co-founder of the Bulgarian Society of Somnology – 25.02.2017
– member of the administrative council of the Bulgarian Society of Somnology – since 25.02.2017
– head of the task force “Sleep-related breathing disorders and non-invasive ventilation” of “InSpiro” Foundation – since 01.2017

Member of the European Respiratory Society – since August 2014
Member of the European Sleep Research Society – since October 2014
Member of the Bulgarian Society of Somnology – since February 2017